Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Lawrence Percolator Artspace is pleased to announce that it has received a $3950.00 grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission. This award, along with matching funds, will support the Percolator Micro Park and Enhancement Project.

The Percolator plays host to monthly exhibitions and other arts programming that include drawing groups, drama readings, music showcases, youth outreach, celebrations and art-related workshops. In addition, our space provides many in East Lawrence and the greater community with a safe place to pause, reflect and relax.

The main goal of the grant project is to redesign our outdoor area to include an outdoor community gathering space, cosmetic building improvements, new signage and gallery upgrades. Specific features include raised garden beds, an outdoor performance area, mosaic designs for our little lending library and an iconic building sign. The funding from this grant will create a green, pedestrian-friendly space for community members, while at the same time broadening the reach of our mission.

Throughout the next several months the Percolator will be raising funds to support this grant project, community members interested contributing financially or volunteering to help with the project can get involved by emailing us at lawrencepercolator@gmail.com. Look for ongoing updates about the project at lcava.com or at facebook.com/lawrence.percolator.

The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission is focused on the creative industries sector of  the Kansas Economy. The Commission is dedicated to measuring, promoting, supporting and expanding the creative industries to grow the state's economy and create creative industry-related jobs. The KCAIC awards grants through a competitive application and review process.

The STRATEGIC INVESTMENT PROGRAM recognizes the important role individual artists and creative organizations play in building and sustaining cultural and economic vibrancy in Kansas. By funding a variety of professional and organizational development opportunities that impact cultural programming, these grants support initiatives that use the arts to enhance community vitality, revitalize neighborhoods, generate local business, create and preserve job opportunities and impact tourism.

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Art Works.

The Lawrence Percolator is a gallery and community space dedicated to bringing new art and cultural events to audiences in Lawrence and Douglas County. The name the Percolator is a metaphor to bring to mind an intensive environment of lively activity or excitement. It conjures images of bubbling energy, of springboards catapulting new ideas, and of a sweet beehive of innovation.  

The Percolator Art Space is located behind the house at 913 Rhode Island with additional access from the alley. Funding for the Percolator comes from individual donations, 20% commission on art sales and grant writing.

The Percolator operates with an elected board comprised of volunteer community members and operates in a collective fashion to develop new exhibitions and to partner with outside artists and organizations. 

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lawrenceksmom@aol.com said...

Unbelievable! When will these "artists" just leave our neighborhood alone! We like it just the way it is, that's why we moved here!! Check out http://eastninth.net/ to learn more about what's really going on here....... HINT: It's not about "a safe place to pause, reflect and relax"; its all about BIG DEVELOPERS turning our neighborhood into yet another strip of bars!!! No thank you!

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weekends noon-6pm
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